Who wouldn’t love thundering over the countryside in a tank?

Up until now, you’ve had to be in the army to experience military vehicles. But now you can be a commander for a day with one of these mind blowing tank driving experiences. Thrills, excitement and adrenalin by the bucketload are all part of very own adventure


Here are the most popular ones for you to check out. There are some slightly cheaper, and of course the premium ones like our favourite The Full Monty are dearer, but we find that these all give a good introduction to the noble art of thrashing your steel wheels around the landscape, and provide you with excellent value for money.

Full Monty Tank Driving Picture
Full Monty Tank Driving
   Red letter days Logo£299.00
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Ultimate Tank Drive Vs Monster Truck Drive Picture
Ultimate Tank Drive Vs Monster Truck Drive
   Activity Superstore Logo£224.00
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Tank Paintball Battles Picture
Tank Paintball Battles
   Activity Superstore Logo£109.00
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Tank Driving Taster And Museum Passes Picture
Tank Driving Taster And Museum Passes
   Activity Superstore Logo£99.00
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Tank Paintball Battle Picture
Tank Paintball Battle
   Virgin experience days Logo£140.00
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Tank Driving Northumberland Picture
Tank Driving Northumberland
   Into the blue Logo£99.00
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Tank Driving Leicestershire Picture
Tank Driving Leicestershire
   Into the blue Logo£80.00
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Adult Military Tank Drive Picture
Adult Military Tank Drive
   Activity Superstore Logo£99.00
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Tank Driving Taster Picture
Tank Driving Taster
   Virgin experience days Logo£80.00
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Tank Battles In Leicestershire Picture
Tank Battles In Leicestershire
   Into the blue Logo£140.00
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Tank Paintball Battle For Two Picture
Tank Paintball Battle For Two
   Virgin experience days Logo£280.00
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Tank Driving In Hampshire Picture
Tank Driving In Hampshire
   Into the blue Logo£179.00
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Click through to check them out, or search with the location tab to find an experience near you.

But be warned, to drive a tank you need rough land, lots of it, and the rougher the better, so all the ones we’ve found are located well away from city centres!!

Image of Full Monty experience

Have crunching fun on the Full Monty


Pick from the very best tank driving experiences.

On the most taxing terrain throughout the country, there are all kinds of adventures for you to enjoy. From Tank Paintballing where you pit your missile firing skills against “the enemy”, through amphibious armoured vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers right up to car-crushing in a 57 ton Churchill.

Best price experiences, just choose what and where

Here at www.tankdrivingexperience.co.uk, we tell you all about the action so you can see if you’re up to it, where you can go for your day out and most importantly we find the best price. All prices on this site are updated in real time so you can be sure of the cheapest deal, and you’ll also be the first to see any special offers. So you’ll have your day to remember without breaking the bank.

And if you absolutely love military vehicles, have a look at the Reddit for Tanks. We think it’s great!